Club Meeting Pictures

Tom Liebert, NV1T, a retired university instructor, provides a class on microprocessor boards.
Tom recounts an amusing story about the board.
2014 Officers, from left, includes Tom Liebert, Nv1T, Treasurer, John Pritchett, W4bda, Board, Dick Chabot, KB3YR, Secretary, and Steve Weisberg,KJ4KKD, President.
2014 Vice President and ARES Asst. Coordinator Allen Perkins, KA1KIX, is shown recovering well.
About half of the January 2014 meeting are pictured with the remainder seated against the walls.
Highlight of the January 2014 meeting was a surprise visit from Vic, CPARC ambassador to New Zealand.
Club membership and meeting attendance has swelled, filling the Airport conference room.
CPARC monthly meetings are held at the Crossville Memorial Airport, off Sparta Highway.
Dave, WV6JPL, and Pat, make a 2 Meter antenna from flexible ruler, PVC pipe, and fittings.
Tony, KI4QBW, joins in after technical instruction by Pete, KT4BW, at the Crossville Airport.
Jim Walker, W4RRE, teaches amateur radio theory to CPARC members at the Crossville Airport.