Field Day 2014

Doug and Tom assist Robert, KM4ARI, make his first Field Day contact.
Jack and his father, Jim Walker, W4RRE, celebrate field day together at Homestead Elementary.
Larry Kellough, WB9AZQ, chats with friends at one of two open air pavillions at Homestead Elementary.
Veteran Morse Code operators Larry and Harry Kulp, K3HK, compete for Field Day contact points.
Harry and Joe, W4NSA, furnished a crank-up tower and directional antenna positioned on a trailer.
Jack, who furnished lunch for CPARC operators, relaxes a moment outside Steve's camper.
Jack and Steve, CPARC President, make voice contacts on 20 meters as another looks on.
Doug Grant, KB1WJY, pursues voice contacts on another high frequency band amid crowded frequencies.
Jack Walker, W4RRP, is shown putting on the feed before the 1:00PM start time (photo by Tom, NV1T)
JJ,Orleff, W0FAA (front left), CPARC Blog webmaster, took this group picture with his camera, tripod, and timer.
Bob McGraw, K4TAX, works to ready his PSK 31 digital communications station for Field Day 2014.
Tom Liebert, NV1t, CPARC 2014 Field Day Co-Chair., explains his educational exhibit.