Field Day 2017 Update

From Steve Weisberg, KJ4KKD, Co-Chairman of Field Day 2017:

I met with Ms. Robin Perry, the Principal of The Homestead Elementary School, on Tuesday, April 18. I presented the CPARC check as our 2017 Honorarium for the use of the schools’ facilities. I also obtained permission for our 2017 Field Day use.

I have also met with The Homestead Museum staff and we are on their Board Meeting Agenda for May 1st at 5:30 PM, when Dale..W9WBA will present his photograph to the Museum.
The Board will vote to approve our use of The Museum Tower at that meeting.


President – CPARC
2017 Field Day Co Chairman

From Dave Dabay, KD3PC, Co-Chairman of Field Day 2017:

I have also confirmed that Paul Dorschel will be in town and will be our logging computer person for the event.

I will add our event to the ARRL FD locator app this week.

Larry LeClair has been in touch with Pete and they are handling the GOTA station, but still need operators and such.

Sounds like we are moving out on another great CPARC event.

dave dabay

Note: The callsign for Field Day 2017 will be W4T.

The presentation by CPARC, of a photo taken at night of the Homestead Tower, during Field Day 2016. Pictured left to right, J.J. Orleff, W0FAA, CPARC Vice President, Steve Weisberg, KJ4KKD, CPARC President, Todd Fiske, Cumberland Homestead Tower Association President, Dale Darling, W9WBA, who took photograph, and Richard Pumphrey, WN9DDV, CPARC Secretary. The presentation was made June 5, 2017, at the Museum.
A proclamation proclaiming Amateur Radio Field Day was presented by Mayor James Mayberry, to CPARC Vice President J.J. Orleff on Tuesday, June 13, 2017
This is the proclamation given to CPARC, commemerating Amateur Radio Field Day 2017
A Field Day of long ago - 1961. Do you recognize anyone in this picture?