Solar Repeater

The Crossville Fire and Rescue provided CPARC noteworthy assiatance in antenna replacement.
Al Perkins, KA1KIX, ARES official and former chief tower climber, braved the ladder to install the antenna.
Al Perkins prepares the elevated perch for the solar panel funded by Volunteer Energy Coop.
Bill Melton, N4TRK, and Dick Chabot, KB3YR, inspect the solar panel prior to being raised into position.
This retrofit further establishes 146.865 as the County's most dependable emergency repeater.
Dave Leavenworth, WV6JPL, completes the installation inside the block building housing CPARC'S repeater.
Solar panel.
Close up of the CPARC solar cell electronics.
Close up of the CPARC solar cell electronics with full image of the unit to the lower right.
Dick Chabot, KB3YR, and Pete Tiffany, KT4BW, receive grant from Jim Purcell.