VE Testing

Free Amateur Radio Testing

VE test sessions are held at the Crossville Airport, in the terminal building conference room. All sessions begin at 7:00 PM Central Time. Our 2017 test session dates are April 6th, August 3rd, and November 2nd. There is no charge for exam sessions conducted by Laurel VEC sponsored VE Teams.

You will need a Social Security number or a Federal registration number, a photo ID, and for those currently licensed, your original license and CSCEs, if any. Pre-registration is required to ensure that we have adequate testing materials. To register for CPARC’s free amateur radio testing, call or email Dick Chabot at: or 931-456-0408

For more VE session information, click the link to Select VE teams. On the CPARC listing, select Crossville, TN. to find contact information and the location for CPARC test sessions.

CPARC volunteer examiners, some of whom are pictured, conduct frequent amateur radio examinations in the conference room of the Crossville Memorial Airport.